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A day in the life of … Dario Cologna, cross-country skier and BMC FS01 rider

21. December 2010

A victory in Kuusamo - or the perfect beginning for the 2011 season
The alarm clock rings at 7:30 for me and my roommate Curdin Perl. At breakfast, we meet up with our teammates as well as the physical therapist and the doctor. The technicians and the coaches are already testing the skis at this point.
This is then followed by jogging a few kilometers in order to get my body warmed up in the biting cold. Back at the apartment, I pack my material, have a small snack and allow myself to enjoy a few more quiet moments. In the waxing cabin, my technician gives me the skis for testing: Together we attempt to find the best material preparation.
An hour before the start, I begin with the actual breaking in, and in the meantime I receive the latest information from the coaching team. Back in the waxing cabin, I put on fresh clothes and go to the starting area 10 minutes before my start. There the transponder for time measurement is fitted on our ankles, we remove the warm-ups and make the last preparations for the start.
During the competition, I concentrate on my strategy and try to implement the information from the coaches on the edge of the ski run. I feel really good despite the icy cold, which the coaches reinforce by calling out the split times. Over the last kilometers, I rally all my energy and ski to the finish with the best time.
After crossing the finish line, I put on the dry clothes handed to me by the physical therapist as quickly as possible. Now dressed warmly and having had a regeneration drink, I sit in the leader chair and wait for the last of my competitors to reach the finish.
While still in the leader chair, I give my first interview before the flower ceremony begins in the finish area. Climbing to the highest step on the podium is a great feeling every time. Because I'm slowly getting cold, I try to keep the subsequent interviews with the press in the mixed zone brief so that I can then escape to the warmth of the press centre. The international press conference with the first-placed athletes is scheduled to take place. Following a few individual interviews, I go to the doping test where I have to fill out a few forms before the actual testing begins. This always takes a little time. I then meet the technicians in the waxing cabin and thank them for the good work that they have done. Together with the trainers, I usually briefly analyze the competition.
Because another competition is already scheduled for the next day, it's important that I am sure to cool down correctly. So I go back onto the ski run for another 20 minutes or so. Following a short time in the room, the team all eats supper together and subsequently discusses the next day of competition.
Following treatment by the physical therapist, I return to my room tired but happy, answer a few congratulatory text messages, update my website and Facebook page and I go sleep early.