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Racing: the ultimate testing facility
We rely on the world's fastest mountain bikers to put our products to the test. In 2013 we built a mobile addition to our test lab; the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team. Part of our athletes' jobs is to provide early feedback on current production models as well as future prototypes. World Cup circuits are the most demanding testing grounds and the perfect laboratory to develop our fast and most reliable high-performance mountain bikes.



Your Imagination is the only Limitation!
Whether you are planning your next epic, or are looking to escape from the daily routine on an evening escapade, the bikes in the new BMC trail series will become your sure-footed companions and get you from trailhead to trail's end.


A return to roots
It's all new territory here. The fast-growing allmountain scene is changing the face of mountain biking as we know it, so we responded with the trailfox to meet the competitive allmountain rider's needs. Durable, lightning-fast and capable, the trailfox begs for the deep, loamy berms and rough terrain that could only be found on the most demanding enduro circuit.




Biking for all
Because we all started somewhere, we know it's important to get it right in the first place. Our sportelite bikes offer the best for those who are new to the sport. Function, style and simplicity, we don't leave anything or anyone behind.