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Mathias Frank, Rubens Bertogliati and Joel Frey. (Foto Keystone/Blick)
Mathias Frank, Rubens Bertogliati and Joel Frey. (Foto Keystone/Blick)

Mathias Frank takes 2nd at Swiss Time Trial Championships

24. June 2009


With Fabian Cancellara deciding to forego the Swiss Time Trial Championships, the Swiss Time Trial title was very much up for grabs. 

BMC fielded three of its riders to take a stab at victory, with stage race sensation Mathias Frank missing out on the win by a scant 2 seconds.  Rubens Bertogliati snagged the national jersey by the narrowest of margins.

Two frustrating seconds

"To lose the race by just two seconds is very frustrating!" Mathias Frank said after the race.  "I was feeling well and knew that with Cancellara missing, I had a really good shot at the win."  The challenging course took two laps on an 18 kilometer circuit.  "After the first lap I was 10 seconds behind, but I gauged my effort and was able to go faster on the second lap," Frank explained.  "Near the end of the race I caught my two minute man but the road was so narrow I wasn't able to pass him and had to slow down a bit; I definitely lost several seconds right there!"  Not wanting to take anything away from the excellent effort Bertogliati made to win the race, Frank added: "Rubens certainly rode a good race and it is always hard to tell just where you could have gone faster, but I know I lost stupid seconds in a particular place, and that is especially frustrating." 

Focus switches to road race

Though the Nyon course for the road race tends to favour the sprinters, BMC is not ruling out the possibility that Frank could figure very prominently in the race Sunday.  "I recovered well after the Dauphiné and even took third place last Sunday in a local race where I live," Frank said.  "I think the course is pretty flat, but we have a very strong team and when we ride well as a team there will be a chance for everyone to succeed."  With three on-form sprinters in Markus Zberg, Danilo Wyss and Martin Kohler, BMC will be well prepared if the race comes to a sprint.  "Our sprinters are very strong, so one of them will certainly have a chance to win," Frank said.  "But of course there is always a possibility that a breakaway will work in which case, we could also win with an attack."  Fabian Cancellara is expect to compete at the road race Sunday which means that it will be hotly contested by all of Switzerland's best.  "With Cancellara concentrating on the road race, it will be very difficult, but we have the team to succeed," Frank concluded.  "Now all I can do is recover from today's effort and get ready for Sunday.  It should be a good race!"