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The Most Aggresive rider on day one in Georgia: Scott Nydam (Foto by Mark Adkinson)
The Most Aggresive rider on day one in Georgia: Scott Nydam (Foto by Mark Adkinson)

Breakaway success – Scott Nydam the day’s Most Aggressive Rider

21. April 2008


The 2008 Tour de Georgia opened with a pleasantly warm, though windy Stage One 113km cruise from Tybee Island to Savannah.  The flat ride along the Atlantic coast proved to be a fast course where the sections of long straight road made gaining time in breakaways difficult. 

It wasn’t until over half way into the stage that a six man break containing BMC’s Scott Nydam gained over a minute on the peloton, and looked for a while like it might hold onto its advantage to the finish.

BMC represented in every move, Wyss tops off the day with a top 10

The fact that the terrain certainly favoured the peloton over smaller groups did not mean that no one tried to escape.  On the contrary, there was almost constant attacking from the gun.  “We had a very good day today,” Team Manager Gavin Chilcott reported.  “We had a rider in every move and Scott won the Most Aggressive Rider jersey.”  The team has made a habit this year of getting into the breaks that count, but according to Chilcott, they weren’t trying to be overly aggressive today and burn too many matches.  “We didn’t really go out to initiate the moves, but we certainly did not want to be absent,” Chilcott explained.  “Today we wanted not to miss any important breaks, and we wanted to place Danilo in the final sprint.”  As Danilo Wyss finished in the top 10 again in today’s sprint, the team can be very satisfied with their results.  “Danilo is a young sprinter, and certainly finishes well in technical sprints,” Chilcott explained.  “But since we are a team built more around climbers, Danilo is basically making the sprint on his own, without a highly organized team train.”  Danilo’s class and consistency is evident in his string of top 10 successes all spring.  “He may be at a little of a disadvantage due to the fact he does not have a developed lead out team, and he is also smaller than a lot of the top end sprinters,” Chilcott reasoned, “but he is excellent at positioning himself and we are confident that the results will come.” 

Scott Nydam making the move

The team again showed today how well it works together by the success BMC had in covering and being represented in all the day’s breaks.  The nature of the stage dictated that few breaks would put any daylight between them and the main pack, but Scott Nydam managed to work his way into the single break that found any success and won himself the Most Aggressive jersey in the meantime.  “It was just another case of being in the right place at the right time,” Nydam said after the stage.  “Daren Lill and I were protected in the pack while the other guys on the team were working to cover the moves,” Nydam described, “after about 40 miles things calmed down and Mike Sayers told me to keep my head up and look for the next moves to be more meaningful.”  Sayers road wisdom paid off.  “I saw a few guys making an attempt to get free and I joined them.”  The composition of break gave Scott hopes that they could maybe take the escape all the way to the finish.  “There were no
real GC threats in the break, so yeah I was thinking about going all the way,” Nydam confessed. “I was looking out for who was strong, and thinking of how to best play the final 2 km.”  Judging by the fact that he was among the last to be reeled in by the peloton, Nydam was reluctant to be caught.  “The team did an amazing job today, though,” Nydam said.  “I’m still thinking about performing well at Brasstown, but we like to make the most of the opportunities we have.”