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ACE Technology – Accelerated Evolution

Facing the challenge

When we set out to create the new teammachine SLR01 we knew we had an enormous hurdle ahead of us. The previous generation's SLR01 was largely regarded as one of, if not the most well-balanced pro peloton frameset with regards to weight, stiffness, and comfort. The SLR01 provided not only a feathery weight, but also immediate power transfer and extreme comfort and smoothness. These performance characteristics made the SLR01 ideal for almost any parcours, and climbers and stage racers the world over gained decisive time in critical moments. Still, BMC set out to improve on this already a great achievement.

ACE Technology

First, we started by defining the performance criteria of a world-class road bike frame, and by stating such open parameters of frame design as tube cross-sections, tube placement, and carbon fiber lay-up. From there, we established a calculation model capable of computing through finite element method (FEM) the bike frame's real-world performance based on our established parameters. Instead of physically prototype every iterative stage during the engineering process BMC's Accelerated Composites Evolution (ACE) Technology allows to substantially speed up the evolutionary design process in the search for optimal performance of a bike frame. ACE Technology does in one year what literally would take thousands of years: through complex computations, the characteristics of each iteration of frame design are realized and refined until the optimal frame is finalized. Our initial efforts resulted in an astonishing 34,000 design iterations before we were fully satisfied. Unthinkable, how much time it would have taken if every design was prototyped.


Acceleration redefined

The first time our professional athletes were riding the new teammachine SLR01 even the most experienced engineers at BMC were surprised about the immediate positive feedback on the new product. The benefits of ACE Technology are immediately apparent to the rider. Direct and thorough power transfer combined with an astonishing low weight and incredible traction provided by BMC's proven Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) results in an unprecedented feeling of acceleration. But it doesn't stop there. The agility of the bike is likewise breath-taking, and its balanced handling ensures surefootedness and rider confidence even in unsettling conditions.

Trendsetting technology

BMC's new ACE Technology takes bike design and engineering to a new level. What we learned, and eventually developed, took the previous 100 years of bike-making into the far distant future. BMC's new teammachine SLR01 was the first product to benefit from ACE Technology, but it is not the last. We strive to build bike frames that combine the relevant performance characteristics weight, stiffness and comfort in the best way possible to allow for a unique riding sensation no matter whether in road cycling, mountain bike, or triathlon. Our new ACE Technology enables these qualities across our entire product portfolio.