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Todd Herriott says, “it’s not about how many repetitions you can do, or how fast you can do them, it’s about doing them well.”
Todd Herriott says, “it’s not about how many repetitions you can do, or how fast you can do them, it’s about doing them well.”

Training Camp Diary: Core Training Talk Of Camp

21. January 2010

Santa Rosa

Be it the dinner table, the mechanic’s room or the front office of the service course, the daily core workouts have become the talk of this year’s BMC Racing Team training camp.

The mastermind behind these challenging and innovative – but satisfying and enjoyable – workouts is Todd Herriott of Herriott Sports Performance. The former cycling professional has spent the past 12 years making a name for himself in the strength and conditioning business. One of Herriott’s current clients is BMC Racing Team’s Brent Bookwalter, while Assistant Director Sportif Mike Sayers is a close friend and former client. The two rode together on the first edition of the former Healthnet squad in 2003.

‘One Percent Better’ Is A Success
Herriott said getting the riders to buy into the training workouts – which typically last 30 to 45 minutes – was a concern that went away minutes into the first session. “These guys are already good,” he said. “If I was a rider, I’d say what is this guy going to do to help me? But if I can do something to help them improve even one percent, then I’m a success. These exercises help them minimize the potential for injury and help them improve their stability, balance and mobility. I’m not here to beat them up so they can’t ride their bike. I give them exercises they will want to do on their own time.”

Working Magic With Medicine Balls
The hardest part of the daily core workouts in a conference room of the Hyatt Vineyard Hotel has been finding enough medicine balls for all the participants. In addition to the 18 riders, many staff members – including BMC Racing Team President Jim Ochowicz – have joined in on the stretching, bending and other strength and range of motion-building exercises. Herriott mixes encouragement with humor, providing the same experience for the team that his clients receive in Seattle. The 7,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility also includes exercise physiology services and a bicycle pro shop. “What separates us from other coaching businesses in our area is our experience level is far and above anyone else.”

Sightseeing Trip
When the riders awoke Wednesday morning to the pitter-patter of rain on their windows, more than a few were relieved that they had been given the day off from riding. Instead of spending another five hours in the saddle, the 18 riders and some staff made the 90-minute drive to San Francisco for a little sightseeing and shopping. Though Thursday’s forecast calls for a fourth straight day of rain, look for the BMC Racing Team to be back on the roads in and around Santa Rosa logging in a solid four to five hours of training.