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Already training at full steam, BMC Racing Team is ready for the new year

9. December 2009

Santa Rosa

With just a few weeks until the 2010 season gets underway, the members of the BMC Racing team are taking stock of their fitness and ambitions for the new season.  The team has invested in two different team meetings, one in Switzerland and one in Utah, to give the riders a chance to meet with the management and evaluate the accelerated goals for 2010. 

Having signed some of the top names in the sport such as Cadel Evans, George Hincapie, Allessadro Ballan, Karsten Kroon and Marcus Burghardt, the BMC Racing Team hopes to have built a team which can battle for victories at the toughest races from one day classics to three week tours.  Along with some high-profile additions to the team, the management will be relying on returning BMC members like Jeff Louder, Brent Bookwalter, Mathias Frank and Thomas Frei to provide the support and on the road leadership which will be needed to fulfill their biggest ambitions.

Hit the ground running

“Coming to this team, I am very excited by the growth potential it has over the next two or three years,” current US National Professional Road Champion George Hincapie explained.  “I’m excited to grow with the team, and I am confident that we have the experienced staff to guide the group; we’ll certainly be well taken care of.”  Since much of the staff has had extensive Grand Tour experience, everyone on the team is going into the new season with the expectation that they will be prepared to compete on the highest levels from the start.  “I’m happy to be starting off my season at the Tour Down Under since I’ve enjoyed that race in the past and it gives us a good chance to race in some warm weather,” Hincapie said.  “Having Cadel on the team roster for that race too, especially since he is the World Road Champion, will make it special.”  Though neither Evans nor Hincapie will be focusing their season on winning in Australia, BMC will nevertheless be going with an eye towards conquering the GC.  “Evans’ goals are pretty clear later in the season, and the parcours doesn’t really suit him,” Hincapie explained.  “My goals come a little later in the spring too, but we’ll certainly have some guys heading there to get results.”

Providing the right guidance

Having beefed up their Assistant Directeur Sportif roster as well, BMC will be in a perfect position to assist their accomplished veterans while guiding their large pool of new talents.  “It is a challenging situation since the team is growing so fast, we have to be careful not to skip any steps,” European Operations Manager and Assistant Directeur Sportif Noel Dejonckheere explained.  “Though we do have very experienced riders like Evans and Hincapie joining, half our riders are under twenty-five.”  Dejonckheere has had a successful career guiding some of the biggest names in American and international cycling over the last twenty years.  “It’s funny because George Hincapie is one of the first young guys I started out training in the early days, and now here I am back with him again and he is one of the veterans,”  Dejonckheere said.  “I can see strong similarities between BMC now and Motorola when we had the veterans like Hampsten, Phinney, and Yates guiding the young crop of guys which included Armstrong and Hincapie.”  With such strong riders like Mathias Frank, Thomas Frei, Brent Bookwalter, Christ Barton, Chad Beyer and Alexander Kristoff all twenty-five or younger, BMC can certainly expect future big results from its current team.

Wear Hincapie while riding with him

“Definitely a big motivator for next year will be able to race in my own company’s clothing,” Hincapie explained.  “When we discussed my joining the team, it was certainly something that I wanted to have happen, but I only wanted it if Andy Rihs, Jim Ochowicz and Gavin Chilcott could also be excited about the team using the equipment.”  The family tie to the team’s clothing sponsor will guarantee that the riders’ needs will be immediately addressed.  “We have already had a chance to try out the new Hincapie stuff, and it is pretty neat,” Jeff Louder confirmed.  “Since George is behind the brand that means everything has been very well-thought out.  It also means that the team will be directly linked to the company and will be more involved.”