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the design

When building a BMC bicycle, we want its origins to be proudly on display in the frame. And the impec is no exception. The design of the impec identifies it as a true member of the family – even if its frame has evolved in a totally different way...

From the technical point of view, the frame of the impec is a minor revolution. The carbon structure of the frame tubes is woven seamlessly, while the frame joints at the nodal points each consist of two half-shells. No-one has built a bicycle frame like this before. it is absolutely new. Equally new and revolutionary is the entire design of the frame.

The impec conceals nothing. Quite the opposite, in fact – it wears its insides on the outside. The frame joints are based on the Shell Node Concept and are the frame’s striking feature. Purely in terms of design, SNC is an absolutely consistent refinement of our Skeleton Concept which differentiates many BMC developments from all the rest. The skeleton strut between the seat tube and the top tube makes absolute sense in design terms and what is more has now become our trademark.

Another stunning feature of the impec are the precision-woven carbon structures of the frame tubes which reveal the inner perfection of the frame.

As the first bike of its kind, the impec is even now something of a technical icon. Everything about it is pure high-tech. Everything about it is solely for the purpose of turning the vision of the flawless high performance bike into reality. This requirement has also been a key factor in the design of the impec.

The impec transforms technology into design and bare facts into pure emotion. Or in the words of architect Louis Sullivan: Form follows function.

the technology

To rethink the bike. To optimize the genetic code. That was the job of our engineers. Resulting in the impec: a standard-bearer for technology that combines the latest developments in the construction of carbon frames with components that are in a class of their own...

The impec is a textbook example of a racing machine. The bike has been strictly tailored to conform to UCI regulations. Total weight: 6.8 kilos. While accommodating the demands of everyday racing, the entire bike is configured for maximum performance and load. it starts with the design of the frame and does not end with the choice of technical components. The basic rule for the impec is that only the finest of everything will do.

The impec’s frame is an absolute first. Never before have there been frame tubes whose carbon structure is seamlessly woven onto molded carriers. Never before have there been two-piece frame joints made from a high-density carbon compound material. And never before have there been high-tech frames produced in an industrial zero-error process.

At the heart of the revolution are the Load Specific Weave – LSW process and the Shell Node Concept – SNC. Both technologies are BMC’s own developments that we have carried out exclusively for the impec. The bike also has many other high-tech features, such as a tapered fork and low seat stay.

To make the qualities of the flawless high performance frame really tangible, only the finest components are used on the impec. For example, high-end products by Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram are available to choose for the group, while Di2, Shimano’s digitally controlled gear system, can be supplied from the factory. The wheelsets are from Easton or Mavic and the preferred saddle is from Selle italia. But whichever variation you finally decide to go for, it will be perfect.

impec innovations

Load Specific Weave – LSW

Load Specific Weave – LSW is one of the two technologies we have developed specially for the impec. in this process, the tubes for the frame of the impec are woven first of all from carbon fibers and then in a second step are converted to a highly rigid structure using a special resin compound. The load-specific weaving process is fully automated and delivers precision visible to the naked eye. The frame of the impec is a carbon fiber and resin structure which is accurate to one tenth of a millimeter.

What is new about LSW is the processing of carbon fibers from the reel. The tubes are woven seamlessly and with a perfect fit onto positive molds of pinpoint accuracy. What is new is that each of these tubes is designed, programmed and and produced
to be perfectly optimized for the load it will bear. This results in absolutely flawless frame tubes for the impec.

Shell Node Concept – SNC

The Shell node concept – SNC guarantees maximum stiffness and stability of the frame joints on the impec. These high-density half- shells are made from a newly developed carbon compound material and are bonded under precision control with the frame tubes during assembly of the frame. At the same time, the interior design of the half-shells is optimized to provide for optimum adhesion between all the individual parts of the frame.

The benefit of the SNC half-shell technology lies in its total control over the junctions. A robot is also used when the impec’s frame is joined together and in addition an optical system controls each individual joint.

What is new about the SNC above all is that a composite compound material produces an extremely rigid material. What is new is that we process this material in a precision injection molding process. This results in absolutely flawless frame joints on the impec.

impec quality features

An improved frame has always been the main development aim at BMC. As a result, we have brought a whole host of exciting innovations onto the market in recent years which are of course fitted as standard on the impec.

Force Specific Tubing

Force Specific Tubing defines BMC’s philosophy of optimizing frame tubes for their load and their weight. With the impec, we were able to turn this philosophy into reality with even greater rigor with the new Load Specific Weave – LSW and Shell Node Concept – SNC technologies. The structural advantages of these dual technologies have resulted in all stresses being optimally absorbed and distributed within the frame.

Low Seat Stay

On the impec as well a lower slung seatstay and special flex zones in this area provide for the typical BMC mix of ride comfort with lateral stiffness and absolute handling precision. The low seatstay is a feature that you very quickly learn to value – especially on longer tours and the worst kinds of roads.

Tapered Steertube

The impec is fitted with a tapered fork. The shaft of the fork is strengthened from below. This is how the impec compensates for the extreme stresses which are exerted on the lower section of the steertube – an obvious plus in safety.

System Integration

BMC frames are also fundamentally different from the rest in that we have already thought of everything that makes a perfect bicycle out of a frame at the design stage. We want one part to join flawlessly onto another. Add-on parts, such as the seatpost, are developed and produced for the impec by our suppliers at their premises. This development work based on partnership with our suppliers ensures the perfect interplay of frame and components. The aim is to minimize tolerances in order to further optimize the ride qualities.

geared up for the future - shimano Di2

Di2 stands for Digital Integrated Intelligence; it comes from Shimano and represents the arrival of digital components in bicycle construction at the highest level. The digitally controlled electronic gear system is a revolution in
itself and sets new standards in the high-end sector with its “fly by wire” concept.

Di2 permits particularly fast and precise gear changes. it is impossible to miss a gear with Di2. With its smart sensor technology, Di2 also controls and corrects the position of the chain during the ride and optimizes power transmission to the rear wheel. in short, Di2 offers greater safety and the very best in user-friendly gear changes. The system also reduces friction loss and wear.

The impec can be supplied with Di2 from the factory, making this version an impressive product through rigorous system integration. The frame was designed so that all components in the system play a specific role and are incorporated to optimum effect into the overall design.

systematic fitting

The impec isn’t an off-the-peg bike but a tailor-made suit. It is made-to-measure for its rider. Tailored for you and tailored for your ambitions. To do this we have developed a modular system for the impec which permits a whole host of variations...

It all starts with a fitting at one of our specialist dealers. The dealer will first of all take precise measurements and then define with you how your very own impec is to be constructed and configured. Five frame sizes, each with two rider positions, three seatposts and a range of stems are available to choose. The fitting is of key importance for the final quality of the impec. Indeed, it is only when all these parameters are fine-tuned to each other that the unity of rider and machine can evolve, as was always intended when we first developed the impec.

The frame of the impec is hardwired for competition from top to bottom. But even if you are simply looking for the perfect riding machine for entirely your own ambitions, the impec is the first choice. Two different rider positions can be supplied. The Race Fit and Performance Fit options. The difference between the two configurations lies above all in the height of the top tube.

In the race Fit, the impec is absolutely configured for competition. This geometry corresponds closeley to the SLR01 teammachine on which Cadel Evans won the Flèche Wallonne in 2010.

In the Performance Fit version, the seatpost and head tube are 19 mm longer and the distance between saddle and handlebar is 6 mm shorter than in the Race Fit thus achieving a somewhat more comfortable seated position.