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Roger Rinderknecht in 4X action at the 2011 World MTB Championships
Roger Rinderknecht in 4X action at the 2011 World MTB Championships

World MTB Championships: Rinderknecht wins Silver in 4X!

3. September 2011


It was the highlight of the day: the men's 4X final at the 2011 UCI World MTB Championships in Champéry. "The course is very challenging, very technical. Having the photographers flashing during the final rounds at night, will make the course even more challenging. You cannot afford not seeing where you go for a split second", previewed Roger Rinderknecht the 4X final rounds earlier today.

Roger kept full concentration and full sight throughout the evening. He dominated the first two rounds. In the other heats, it was the Czechs that equally showed dominance. Former world champ Jared Graves of Australia also showed promise for yet another world medal. Dutch rider Joost Wichman was second in qualifying and showed his convincing speed in all final rounds.

Things started to become especially thrilling in the semi finals when only the best of the best were left in the race. Head to head, only the fittest, most aggressive, and most technical versatile riders advanced to the big final. Rinderknecht looked like a safe second place midway through the race until Frenchman Quentin Derbier started charging hard form the back. Roger managed to hold on to his second place behind Michael Prokop (CZE) to advance to the big final.

It did not take long for aluminium and human carnage to be spread on the course in the final for Gold. A big pile up had all four riders lie on the ground. Michael Prokop was fastest to be back on his bike to win the world champion title, followed by Roger Rinderknecht on his BMC RR13. Jared Graves was out of the competition with a flat tyre. Dutchman Joost Wichman secured his bronze medal.

There is not much time for Roger Rinderknecht to celebrate his fantastic performance at the World MTB Championships. He is on another mission: to qualify for the London Olympic Games 2012 in BMX. Champery was just a quick stopover for him before returning to BMX world cup tracks in order to collect enough points to qualify for London.

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