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Ettinger wins Gold at the U.S. Championships

20. July 2013


BMC Mountainbike Racing Team
U.S. Cross Country National Championships in Macungie, PA, Bear Creek Resort

BMC biker Stephen Ettinger has provided for a nice surprise at the U.S. National Championships by winning his first title in the elite category.
Stephen Ettinger s ride to victory at Bear Creek Resort was a truly masterly performance. However, the 24-year-old had a bad start and failed to keep up with Todd Wells and Jeremiah Bishop. „I thought I'd be racing for third the rest of the race", admitted Ettinger.

But it soon proved to be of advantage that he had lost the rear wheels of the leading duo. At high temperatures, Wells and Bishop were not able to keep up their pace, while Ettinger found a good rhythm for himself.
In the fourth of in total six laps Ettinger realized that the gap between the leading duo and himself was getting smaller. „As soon as I saw them coming back, it was a huge motivator and I gave it a little more gas. The full suspension BMC (fourstroke FS01) was just ripping out there today. It was such a fun bike to ride", he described the turning point of the race.

He rejoined the leading duo and the cards were being reshuffled. In this battle of three contenders on a technically demanding course Ettinger knew how to capitalize on the advantages offered by his BMC bike.

First he shed Bishop and then, in the last downhill, he also outdescended Wells who had been rated higher before the race. „I realized I had to be in front of Todd going into the final descent. Going into the final lap, I had a little gap and I kept it rolling. It's huge to win this",
said Ettinger .

Two years after his championship title in the U23 category, Ettinger now has taken the jersey for the first time in the elite. Just three weeks ago in Windham he had been defeated by Wells and Bishop in a race of the Pro XCT series.
For Ettinger, it was the third victory of the season after he won two C1 races in Canada in May.

The U23 titles were also achieved on BMC bikes. Kerry Werner and Shayna Powless, members of the BMC Developement Team team, were both decorated with gold.
1. Stephen Ettinger
2. Todd Wells
3. Jeremiah Bishop
4. Spencer Paxson
5. Alex Grant