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Two BMC triathletes on the podium in high level IM 70.3 Mallorca.

14. May 2013


Bart Aernouts of the Uplace Pro Triathlon Team has finished second in Saturday's 70.3 IM Mallorca. Eneko Llanos (Spain; 3:52:36) was just 18 seconds faster in a race that was both high level and thrilling. Bart's final time: 3:52:54. 2011 IM 70.3 Mallorca champion Andreas Raelert (Germany; 3:54:43) came in third. Uplace teammate Axel Zeebroek was 15th with a final time of 4:05:48.
In the women's race, Uplace athlete Sofie Goos finished ninth. The top 3 pro women's spots went to Lisa Hütthaler (Austria; 4:24:25), Yvonne Van Vlerken (The Netherlands; 4:27:17) and Lucy Gossage (UK; 4:30:03).
As usual, Axel Zeebroek started the race with a strong swim, leaving the water first. Bart Aernouts also got to a strong start. He was able to minimize his distance to 1:45. In the cycling leg, he immediately made his move. Around kilometer 60, he reached the chase group with title favorites Andy Raelert and Llanos. In the meantime, Axel was having a tough day on the bike. After a slow swim-to-bike transition, he quickly lost time on the hilly course. He wrapped up the bike leg in 21st position trailing by 11 minutes. The half marathon was a fast one. Aernouts and Raelert stormed up the field side-by-side taking the lead along the way. But behind them, Llanos came flying. Bart managed to keep up with the Spaniard for a while, but had to let him go in the last round. Meanwhile, Axel was doing well on the run, moving up the field for a 15th place finish.
In the women's race, Sofie Goos came out of the water in 14th position, trailing by three minutes. The bike leg quickly showed that Sofie did not bring her best bike legs. She was 14 minutes behind when she started the half marathon in 13th position. She did feel good on the run, recording the fastest pro women run time to move into the top 10 for the finish.
Another remarkable performance came from Swiss Rahel Küng from the EWZ Team in her first 70.3 race. Out of the water as the leading professional women, she performed excellent during bike and run and finished as 11th.
A second place in a world championship quality race is quite an achievement. Still, Bart Aernouts had mixed feelings about his Ironman 70.3 Mallorca result, "If you get this close to winning, you prefer to not finish second. But given my rigorous training here in Mallorca the past few weeks and my cautious ambitions before the race, I should be pleased really. The swim went very well. But on the bike I really suffered. The others were going fast and I only managed to make my way to the group with Llanos and Raelert in the latter part of the bike leg. Only then could I rest up a bit. I knew it would be a fast run. And that proved the case. I was confident about running with Raelert and I managed to keep up with Llanos' acceleration for a while. But in the end he was just too fast for me to win today. Finishing in between two guys with top 3 Hawaii results is great if you think about it, but I did have to work hard for it today."