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Moritz Milatz optimistic: at the very front in Buchs

21. March 2014

BMC Racing Cup, Buchs

Moritz Milatz and Reto Indergand are planning to improve their form at the season opening race of the BMC Racing Cup 2014. Both BMC-riders are looking to see their performance curve improve in Buchs, and the German champion plans to compete for a place on the podium.

Next race, next step towards top form for the opening round of the World Cup series in South Africa. First and foremost, the BMC Racing Cup in Buchs is an opportunity for both Moritz Milatz and Reto Indergand to enhance their fitness levels and to getting accustomed to their new race bikes.

This being said, as soon as there is a start number placed on the handle bar, it's all about racing hard. Concerning his second race of the season, Moritz Milatz is quite optimistic: „I assume that things will be even better on Sunday than they were in Rivera. I want to go into this race fully recovered and I hope to be one of the riders up front." For Reto Indergand this is his first BMC Cup-race in the elite category. And his goal is clear: Last year's Swiss U23 champion wants to gather some points on Sunday. In a C2 race that means finishing in the top ten.

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