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Georges Probst: ADIOS ARGENTINA...

30. March 2011

ARGENTINA: What has struck me the most after three months in this country is the kindness of the people I have met, the extraordinary landscapes, each one so different from the last, from the glaciers in the south to the Iguazu Falls in the north, the extraordinary scenery of the Altiplano and thousands of other views every day that have filled my mind with unforgettable memories - in spite of the bad weather conditions, the unavoidable mud baths, the changes of itinerary and the galleys. Just as in everyday life, you soon forget the bad moments, you get over them and what remains for us are all the wonders of the world.
As for the more negative aspects, these are the state of this magnificent country, the dogs lurking everywhere, the general state of the infrastructure of roads and buildings and, particularly when talking in private to Argentinians, it's the corruption, the political scheming and living conditions from which they find an escape by watching the six TV channels with FOOTBALL in its many guises, which make them forget all their real problems.
Madonna sings: Don't cry for me Argentina! As for me, I would cry for the Argentinians...

I will next meet up with you following the BOLIVIA.