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Engineering for Excitement

BMC stands for Bicycle Manufacturing Company.

We do “excitement research” at the Bicycle Manufacturing Company. We don’t believe in all that conventional stuff. We take a different approach. Not just to be different but to do the right thing. The right thing so that the people who ride our bikes have the perfect ride experience – and the most fun. Downtown, at the races or out on the trails.

BMC Researches Excitement

At BMC, research and development also means constantly questioning everything. It’s an essential part of the BMC philosophy. Think outside the box, and you won’t get boxed in. How can we combine design and function to achieve originality? Why not develop a pure racing bike with the comfort factor? Why not produce high-end bikes in Switzerland? Questioning also means testing your results according to the highest standards: our bikes are subjected to the toughest tests so that afterwards we can continue to work on the detail based on feedback from riders such as Cadel Evans, the 2009 Road World Champion, and Roger Rinderknecht, one of the best fourcross racers in the world. And all that with Swiss thoroughness and precision.

BMC is Swiss Precision

BMC thinks global and acts Swiss. At its site in Grenchen, to be precise, the home of Swiss watches that are the embodiment of Swiss precision. This precision and attention to detail is also reflected in our bikes.

BMC Company

BMC is Style

We build and develop bikes. And not just any bikes. BMC builds unique bikes. You could even say that you’d still be able to recognize a BMC even if you took away the colors and the name from the frame. The design of the BMC has a language all of its own. Light years away from the interchangeability of today’s market.

BMC Bikes – Daily

We are based in the Swiss Jura mountains. At BMC there isn’t a single person who hasn’t chased down trails or soared over passes, who either covers triathlon distances or ridden pump tracks. We know what we are talking about. We live it.

BMC is for Lovers

For people who love it when things work. When you can run a magnifying glass over it and discover the attention to detail. For those of an aesthetic bent who love good design. For individualists who are addicted to perfection. Like us.


BMC - the Bicycle Manufacturing Company

BMC was founded in 1986 to assemble bikes for wholesale distribution under the Raleigh brand. Nine years later, the BMC brand (Bicycle Manufacturing Company) was born. In the beginning, BMC was slow to begin producing mountain bikes when the well-established companies made this important development in the bicycle industry and 2001 marked a turning point thanks to the involvement of current owner Andy Rihs who set a whole new direction for BMC. Investment was directed into engineering, design and marketing to position the brand as a high-end leader with Swiss roots that embraced the company philosophy of Style I Passion I Precision.

Style I Passion I Precision

Style is synonymous with a typical independent design through which BMC differentiates itself from its competitors. You can instantly recognise a BMC bike even without the logos applied by its characteristic technically inspired crosslock frame shape. Style also stands for BMC's simple and clear colour concepts and the way the company communicates with their stakeholders.

BMC products stand for pure passion: On one hand the passion of the staff and external partners who put their heart and soul into the BMC products and continually extend the boundaries of possibility through unbridled innovation. On the other hand passion stands for the dedication of sponsored teams and their performance as worldwide ambassadors for BMC, as like the BMC Racing Team, the BMC MTB Team and the Raelert Brothers in Triathlon.

Precision defines the philosophy of absolute innovation and the manner in which BMC converts its ideas into reality. In our own test laboratory, BMC develops and tests the bikes itself.

BMC has been developing legendary bikes since 2002. It all started with the teammachine SLT01 developed for the Phonak Cycling Team, a bike that defined the BMC product range for many years, right up to the present day. This was followed in 2004 by the timemachine TT01, a time trials bike that is still one of the fastest and most successful of its kind in the world, along with the promachine SLC01, a bicycle frame built entirely with revolutionary Easton carbon nanotube technology. Bikes that have won international design awards.
Cutting-edge technology has been applied not just in developing and designing BMC racing bikes, but also in the mountain bikes and the urban lifestyle products. The Fourstroke range successfully launched in 2004, with the efficient VPS damping system, was a defining, pioneering move for BMC in the full-suspension mountain bike category. The hybrid pioneer models alpenchallenge and carborazor have been the mainstays of the lifestyle series for many years.

More recently, too, BMC has impressed fans and team athletes with some truly exciting products. 2007 saw the appearance of the first trailfox TF01, a full-suspension marathon bike that is made even better by the year and now, for 2012, will also be available for the first time as an a full carbon bike. In the domain of racing bikes, the teammachine SLR01 launched by BMC in 2010 has an a full carbon frame that offers incomparable design, comfort and rigidity.

The journey continues... BMC has always epitomized Swiss precision, passion for perpetual innovation and unmistakable design. The Swiss company based in Grenchen demonstrated this again in launching the impec, the first fully machine-made frame built in Switzerland.

BMC. Engineered for Excitement.