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Bike Archiv 2010

timemachine TT01 timetrial series

The TT01 frame is manufactured en- tirely in Switzerland with the assistance of the 3P-System. This system makes it possible for BMC to collect the precise measurements for all important points on the frame to fit the size and needs of the future rider. The frame and fork are then produced according to the wishes and specifications provided by the customer.


  • Frame Frame: BSF I Blade-Speed-Frame
  • Tubing Tubing: Carbon with integrated BMC fork
  • Size Size: BMC Personal Precision Program
  • Fork Fork: BMC, custom for TT01 w/aero hinge
  • Rear Shock Rear Shock:  
  • Gears Gears:  
  • Chainwheel Chainwheel:  
  • Cassette Cassette:  
  • Chain Chain:  
  • Front Derailleur Front Derailleur:  
  • Rear Derailleur Rear Derailleur:  
  • Shifter Shifter:  
  • Brakes Brakes:  
  • Handlebar Handlebar: BMC Personal Precision Program
  • Stem Stem:  
  • Seatpost Seatpost: BMC Personal Precision Program
  • Seat Seat:  
  • Hubs Hubs:  
  • Rims Rims:  
  • Tyres Tyres:  
  • Colour Colour:  
  • Weight Weight:  



personal precision programm

Everybody is different

Particularly in time trials, the rider's aerodynamic posture and perfect ergonomic sitting position are the two decisive factors which make the difference between winning and losing. Man and machine must work in perfect harmony and be perfectly coordinated with one another in order to produce the best possible performance.

Using ergonomic data from more than 3000 athletes we are able to offer every rider the perfect frame geometry. Here in Switzerland we make every machine to measure using the 3P system. Even the thickness of the frame wall is adapted to suit the rider's weight.


blade speed frame

Seat tube as a wing profile.

The entire seat tube of the Blade Speed Frame has been designed as a wing profile. Together with the specially developed seat post it forms a continuous wing for minimum air resistance.

aero hinge

aero hinge

Scharnier statt Steuerrohr

Das Gabelschaftrohr bildet eine aerodynamische Nase und wird nicht mehr durch das Kugellager geführt. Dadurch ist das Kugellager wesentlich kleiner, und der ganze Kopf wird zu einer integralen Einheit. Die patentierte Aero Hinge bietet der Luft so gut wie keinen Widerstand.

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