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Jeff Louder: "We know what to work for".
Jeff Louder: "We know what to work for".

Talking Shop with John Lelangue: Setting a Team Course for 2010

28. November 2009

Salt Lake City

Though in previous years, the BMC Racing Team has not always held a team meeting before the main January training camp, with the large number of rider additions the management felt that an early meeting to set the direction of the team for 2010 would be very beneficial to everyone.  The European-based riders met in Zurich last month while the American crew held a mini-camp in November. 

These two reunions provided an opportunity for the riders to meet each other prior to next season and for management to define strategic objectives.  The meetings succeeded in introducing the new members to the team while giving all riders an outline for what will be expected in 2010, and helped to give additional focus to their nascent 2010 training programs.   With medical staff and BMC materials experts also attending, the four days of meetings proved to Directeur Sportif John Lelangue that the team is on the right course for a stellar 2010 season.

Getting on the same page

“It was a pretty short trip to Utah for the meetings, but it was very useful to meet with the American riders at this point in their training programs,” John Lelangue explained.  “I had individual meetings with all of them and we were able to plan for the first two months of the season so everyone will know what to expect.”  Since BMC has signed some heavy-hitters to join the team, issues of goals and expectations were sure to be ramped up along with the roster.  “The meeting was short and sweet but it was good to get everyone together to have a face to face,” team member Jeff Louder said.  “We know what to work for and have had our programs laid out for the early part of the year.”  Having already been invited to the Tour Down Under, the Tour of Qatar and the Tour of Oman, the BMC riders have a tough schedule starting early in the new year.  “We will be active on four different continents in a pretty short space of time,” Lelangue admitted, “But we have been building for this at least the past two years and I am confident we have the riders and staff capable of fulfilling all our obligations.” 

The team behind the team

“We will have a team of 22 riders and several guys capable of taking leadership roles,” Lelangue explained.  “It is most important to us that we have the confidence of the race organizers that we are committed to bringing the best team possible to every race.”  Having spent the last three years building a staff and infrastructure that will be capable of taking on the heavier racing load of the coming season will also play an important component to the team’s overall success.  “I am really happy with the staff I have working with me, including my three Assistant Directeur Sportifs and of course the medical staff led by Max Testa is top-notch,” Lelangue said.  “Our BMC liaison, Stefano Cattai, has also been working with us to make sure that our riders are provided for the best materials possible whether they are for our Classics program or specialty time trial issues.”  Confident with this group of riders and staff, Lelangue sees BMC as being a team that will be competitive in every race it enters.   The riders feel the excitement too.  “I really think a meeting at this point in the year can be very helpful to see what is happening with the team and where we fit in,” Louder reasoned.  “Now we have focus for our winter training and know how high we are shooting next season.”