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After a long season of racing, BMC will be making big plans for 2010 (foto by Tim de Waele)
After a long season of racing, BMC will be making big plans for 2010 (foto by Tim de Waele)

Paris Tours closes out a season of learning for BMC

11. October 2009


Though imperfect positioning and a late-stage crash kept the members of BMC trailing behind Paris Tours race winner, Philip Gilbert, the team can be confident that with another year of experience behind them, they will be ready to leap into the top league for 2010.   Today Martin Kohler was among the most aggressive riders for BMC, pleasing his race director and proving his motivation even so late in the season.

Missed the boat in final 40 kilometers

“The initial plan for the day was to get one of our riders into the main break,” Directeur Sportif John Lelangue explained.  “We unfortunately didn’t quite make it into the day’s ten-man break, but the real problem late in the stage was that our sprinters were positioned too far back to make the important selection, and then they were blocked by the big crash that happened with 15 kilometers to go.”  A large ten-man breakaway formed in the first 25 kilometers of the race and gained an advantage of over seven minutes.  However, with 230 kilometers to race, the sprint-happy peloton was intent on reeling in the escape group.  “I can certainly say that the guys did their best and tried very hard,” Lelangue said.  “And from riders like Frank, Stalder and Frei, we don’t really expect results in a race like this since they are all climbers and specialists in stage races.  But the mistake was that our sprinters were sitting too far back in the peloton and so were badly positioned when the selections were being made.”  In the final moments of the race when the peloton was chasing after the remnants of the escape group, a crash disrupted the group, slowing down or entirely blocking everyone but the first 20 riders.  "I'm happy for Martin because he did a good job today," Lelangue said.  "But we just didn't have the fast finisher to compete against the fastest sprinters and best one-day racers in the world like Gilbert and Boonen."

Learning experience

“This is the last race of the year for our team and we can look back at the whole year as one of great growth and experience,” Lelangue said.  “We have done some of the very toughest races like Paris Roubaix which will prove to be invaluable experience to our current riders this year so that we can enter with some of our new riders for next year with a real chance to ride for the victory.”  With some big-name signings joining the team in 2010, the current BMC members who will be coming back next season can feel secure in knowing they have the experience to contribute to the team’s future successes.  “We are now free to think about the troupe for next season and our current guys know it is important to take the lessons from this year in order to hit the objectives and to be competitive next year,” Lelangue says.