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BMC Racing Team – Camp Diary: Today with Scott Nydam

20. January 2009

Santa Rosa

It has definitely been very special for me to be able to show the guys around my adopted home region.  I feel like I am a proud parent showing off my favourite rides and places.  This Friday we rode what is probably my absolute favourite big ride: the King Ridge ride.  It is a six hour, 175km epic.  After the first two hours we had ridden ourselves into what felt like the middle of nowhere and then all of a sudden you pop out and you are overlooking the ocean on a cliff 1500 to 2000ft above the sea.  The whole ride I kept looking at Markus Zberg saying, "Hey Markus isn't this great!"  We did this same ride at camp last year, but the weather was much cooler and cloudier, and for some reason it didn't seem like the same ride to the guys.  Brent Bookwalter was even sceptically asking me, "Are you sure this is the same ride we did last year?"  But you see, the weather Friday was so amazingly sunny and warm that the ocean just sparkled - it was so beautiful it really took our breaths away.  We could see way out into the ocean and Bodega Bay and where the Russian River meets the ocean.  I felt like I could almost see the curve of the earth, I could see for so far.  And then from there we just bombed it down a descent with 18 % grade at points.  It's a classic, epic ride. In our new black and white Assos kit, bobbing back and forth doing one of the long climbs, I couldn't help but chuckle that we all look like we're from March of the Penguins!  But seriously, since we're in the saddle six to six and a half hours on a ride like that, we all feel very lucky to be wearing our Assos kit.  They have been really thoughtful in the way they have designed the materials and integrated the colors.  Even though they are predominantly using just white and black, they find a cool balance between the colors and the geometric precision of the design.  I think it is symbolic of the integration of the team from last year.  We feel like we have more clarity with what we're doing here and what our goals are.  One thing is for sure: we all really look sharp.